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stats interviews...?!

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I'm applying for statistics PhD programs this year. One of my top choices has gotten back to me already, not with an acceptance but essentially saying I'm shortlisted. The director of the program offered me the opportunity to visit with faculty and current students at the department's expense. The email was rather vague as to what exactly is expected of me during this visit, but the word "interview" did sneak in at the end.

I know many other kinds of programs do pre-admission interviews (especially in the life sciences), but I haven't heard of this for straight stats programs before. I've skimmed some advice about general grad school schools, but any ideas as to what to expect in terms of what a statistics department might ask or be looking for?

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I applied to Duke; haven't heard anything. Not stressing. I applied to more than enough schools that I actually want to attend to make a rejection from Duke (which is a Top 10 school) not that big of a deal. For all you know they could be doing these in waves and yours is forthcoming. Kick back and enjoy your winter break.

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