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Scholarships??? HELP!!


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Hello all,

I probably sound like a complete boob but I'm navigating this whole grad school application alone, so forgive me.

I've been looking through past posts of previous applicants...

Upon their admission, many of them say they were offered scholarships/grants etc... Do you have to apply for these scholarships, or are they offered to exceptional students? I'm terrified of the cost of grad school (and i only applied to state schools), and I'm looking for as much financial aid as possible. (I never needed it in undergrad because my grandparents used inheritance money from their relatives to pay for my tuition)

I'm freaking out.

Any help is appreciated.

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Most schools offer some amount of entrance scholarships. You do not apply to these; they are offered to students based on admission and the admission application. However, if you are really worried about money, I recommend applying to outside scholarships. Some may be found on your undergrad website, the websites of the schools you are applying to, or by searching various scholarship websites.

I am Canadian, so the resources I have probably do not apply to you. The scholarship board on this website might, though.

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