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Hi everyone:

As of last month I'm graduated with my MDiv--however, my vocational plans (as they are wont to do) got switched around a bit. I went to div school thinking I wanted to do PhD work and then got bitten by the ministry bug. This final year--after much discernment--I decided that I felt called to the Episcopal Church (instead of the UMC in which I grew up) and am in the confirmation process. This means that I will probably need to get a Certificate in Anglican Studies to place me on the ordination track.

I'm thus looking for a job that can pay rent and put food on the table until I complete confirmation and get a glowing enough recommendation from my clergy to advance me into this certificate program. I have not had much luck thus far, despite that my degree comes from a top-ranked university in my field. Likely because a lot of my experience is in the area of LGBTQ rights and my degree is in ministry. I also have experience as an administrative assistant, working in a library and as a chaplain.

Any thoughts or advice? Should I look for jobs on campus at my old university? What jobs can I make an MDiv look suited for? Are there any websites that are more helpful than others with job listings?

I'm starting to feel the financial pull because--since I graduated in December--I'm on a month-to-month payment plan at my apartment complex and it is blood-pressure-raisingly expensive.

You have no idea how grateful I am for whatever help you can provide.

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Our friend got his MDiv from Truett and has worked as an assistant/worship pastor for a smaller urban church and is now a youth pastor another. Your seminary/theological school should have some sort of job placement office to help.

An option is to list your self as being available as a for-rent officiant for non-denom weddings. You'd be surprised how many brides are looking for a pastor of any sort because their parents/whoever is footing the bill insists on a Christian wedding but aren't affiliated with a church or are close to a pastor. Usually there's a listing in your city or you can get listed on the Knot and whatnot. It may not be every weekend but it's something. You can be as hands on or off as you want.

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