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Canadian Clinical Psych Programs - Anything yet?


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Hi to all,

I have been looking for a place where those applying for Clinical Psych programs in Canada can talk to others in the same boat and figure out together who has been contacted by which University and when. If this works as I hope, this post will help us cope with the anxiety of waiting for schools to contact us.

So let me be the first to say that no schools, out of the 7 I applied for, have contacted me yet. I'll post again when I hear from any other program (no matter if I get good or bad news).

Also, if anyone knows of a similar post somewhere else I would really appreciate if you would let me (us?) know.


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I might be the bearer of bad news with this, but here's what I know through friends that are applying: UBC's clinical program is flying candidates out for an interview weekend the 1st weekend of March. UNB, UWO and Guelph have had interviews and said they would start making offers this week. I know people who have had interviews with Saskatchewan and Ryerson already, and have heard that the interview day for Queen's and York were both last week.

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Hi Jup!


Would you be willing to tell me a little bit about your application? Like your GPA, GRE and other experiences/publications? I want to apply next year and want to know what could help.


I'd appreciate the help :)

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