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Is anyone else applying to McMaster Global Health this year?

I am wondering if anyone might have insights into the program and the admissions process. I submitted an application already, but i fear that I may not have enough of the health background that they are looking for. I'm also curious how many applicants they get annually. i read elsewhere that even though it is a new program, they consistently get a large number of extremely qualified applicants and that they were expanding the program, as a result. Anyone know what this number is?

The program is also very unique in its teaching approach and in its offer of intercultural exchanges and experiences, so I am curious how well the field project and the class projects with students in Maastricht went. Did cultural differences in academic norms emerge? WEre there challenges in communicating with other students?

If anyone anything more about the program, please post it! Likewise, if there other applicants, post here! let's support each other.

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I applied to this program and realized 90% of all my friends who've applied to Med schools applied as well.

Msc GH at MAC is one of the backup plans for many of the med school applicants bc it's a one year program that offers really great international experiences that will help people boost of their CVs.

..so basically we are competing against ppl with 4.0 GPAs?? .. :(

But I know I have a couple of friends who were in the program last year, and they told me that although it's super competitive, they really look for global experiences, such as working in the North in Canada, or abroad somewhere to volunteer or research. they also like to see students who are super well-rounded bc they want to select students who would be able to adapt quickly during the international research practicum.

My friend who just graduated said that the program was not very organized... and she felt that she didn't necessarily "learn" about what she's going to do in the future... like just another BSc kind of feeling. But she said it gets her tons of jobs.

I applied because I really want to work in the global workforce in the future doing clinical stuff and research as well... I am hoping they'll be more organized this year (if I get accepted)!

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hey I spoke with the program coordinator during one of the grad school fair. I couldn't remember exactly but they have hundreds of application for very few spots (they said they will increase the class size to 50 in a couple years but it's currently at 15-25 spots now?). Anyways, I decided not to apply because like the poster above said, it is all med school applicants looking for a back up. I hope the adcomm will at least try to weed these people out since most are just using as a stepping stone to med schools, but you are def. completing against very strong candidate.

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Tookool9: I searched around on their website and it looks like they will begin to send letters out in late April. We still have a long wait.

Thanks for your responses, everyone. It is heartening to know that they are looking for well-rounded students, as I am one. I have tons of international experience, multilingualism and multidisciplinary academic interests. Whether I meet the profile they are looking for is anyone's guess, but this gives me hope! Thanks and best of luck to all of us!

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Sorry to bump this up. If there is anyone who has graduated from this program, can you please post here? I would like to email you to get an idea of what the modules are like and to get some extra information about the practicalities of the program.

Thank you.

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