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Just got an email today from Stanford with a personal Stanford ID included, asking me to fill out the FAFSA and the loan application specific to the Stanford Teacher Education Program...has anyone else received these kinds of emails and later been accepted/rejected for any graduate program? I'm hoping it's a good sign but also trying not to read too much into it.....I'm supposed to find out March 1st!!!!

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I got a phone call from UMass to schedule an interview to work in the writing program for funding, and then three days later received an email notifying me of my acceptance. But then someone else got called for an interview and was wait-listed a few days later...

My guess would be that, at the very least, you haven't been rejected. I can't imagine them asking you to fill out FAFSA forms and then rejecting you. That seems like an enormous waste of your time and their time. Plus it seems horrendously cruel.

Good luck!

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