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USC Funding Question


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I have a quick question for those who have also been admitted to USC. I received my official admissions letter from the graduate school, and it indicates that I will also receive another letter from the program (Price School of Public Policy). From what I gather, this letter will include information regarding any financial awards I may receive. Is that a correct assumption? Second question, when did others receive their department acceptance letters?

Thanks so much for the help! :)

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Hi there! Congrats on your acceptance! I received my official letter on Th 2/16, and then received the letter from the program with award information on Saturday 2/18. It included award info, instructions for accepting/declining, and your fac advisor. Hang tight, I'm sure it's on its way :)

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Hi all, Congrats on your acceptance!

I received my acceptance letter on the 15th and then my award information a few days later on the 17th (but I'm in LA, so it didn't have far to travel!)

One more question for those who applied for the Dean's Merit Scholarship, how much did you receive in awards? Just curious what is an average award amount


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