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Being Wait-listed for PhD Neurosciences


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Hi all!

I'm an international applicant. My profile is here:

GRE: Q-750


AWA- 4.0

TOEFL- 105 (I've got a 30/30 in writing)

GPA- 3.75 (out of 4)

Program of Interest- Neurosciences

I'm assisting my Professor who's currently doing her PhD. I've also finished an internship at an industry and completed a industrial training program. I also have to my profile, a Certificate course in Psychological counseling which is equivalent to a Post Graduate Diploma. I have attended a couple of international conferences and presented a poster in a national conference too. I have an undergraduate research project too.

The schools which I've applied for are:

For PhD in Neurosciences:

University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio IMGP

Georgia Health Sciences University

Marquette University

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha

University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, Memphis

Texas A&M Institute of Neuroscience

For MS in Neurosciences:

University of Montana

I haven't heard from any of the universities above. I was rejected the last year when I applied for fall 2011 because my application came in late. This year I sent my application early in October and still no reply from them.

What chances do I stand for admission in any of the universities, kindly give me your valuable feedback guys, Cheers!

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I had an interview at Texas A&M in February but haven't heard from them since then. I'm not sure about international applicants- there weren't any at the interview weekend, so I don't know if they would call to set up a skype interview or what. Unfortunately, out of all the current students we met none of them were international students. You stats seem on par for applicants there- I'm not sure what else you could do except make sure you apply to programs with a history of accepting international students. Georgia Health Sciences University used to be Medical College of Georgia, right? One of the grad students in my lab got accepted there, but moved when our PI switched universities. She said there were a lot of international students there, so good luck!

If you do have to apply again, which I hope you don't, it might be worthwhile to find out how schools handle student's tuition. For example, in Georgia the program waived tuition so PIs didn't have to pay extra for international students compared to American students. At a school where PIs pay tuition for students once they join the lab, they may not accept as many international students because they are more expensive. (I know at Texas A&M that tuition is not waived, and in some instances in the med school, students might have to pay their own tuition.)

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@rising sun: Thank you so much for your valuable input. Yeah by Georgia Health Sciences University, I meant Medical College of Georgia. How about Marquette University, University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis?

I heard that the number of international students at Marquette and UNMC is quite significant. Could you provide me with any inputs or ideas regarding them?

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I've applied for 7 schools and for the Neuroscience program, and I've got an unofficial rejection from University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. I had applied online and sent all my application materials way back in September, but haven't heard anything new from the universities except that "Your application is complete and being reviewed by the department".

With Marquette University, I've got a mail saying that "Your file is complete and with the department now being considered for the Fall 2012 admission". I still fail to understand what this means?

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What department at Marquette did you apply to? I'm not sure if that ambiguous message from them implies you are on a waitlist, but if so, I just declined an offer from the Bio Sci department today. There are plenty of international students in the biological sciences PhD program, so not being a US citizen shouldn't hinder your chances.

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@MEB05: Hey, I've applied for the PhD in biological sciences program. I've got another message from them which says that the Biological Sciences department is reviewing my application.

Do you have any information about Marquette and it's Neurosciences program? What about the funding?

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If you have not been contacted and offered interviews at this point in time, you have been rejected from the university. Sorry to say, but as an international with average stats, it's going to be very hard for you! :( I would try to work on your sop, experience, and try to publish before re-applying next year. Good luck to you!

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Sorry, I don't know anything about those other schools.

For Montana, when was the application deadline? Even if you applied early, they might not review applications until after they are all submitted. I know MS deadlines are usually later. If all the applications have been in for a while, maybe email the department and ask when you will hear.

SCellNeuro is right- I doubt any PhD programs are still accepting students who haven't had an interview yet.

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