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Syracuse vs. NC State (Linguistics MA)--Financial Issues


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Hi! I have a quick question with a lengthy explanation. If anyone could help me, that would be great!

I was accepted to the Linguistics program at Syracuse, and the English Sociolinguistics program at NC State. They're my two top choices, with NC State just slightly above Syracuse. The problem is funding--I'm on a TESOL TA waitlist at Syracuse, and unfunded at NC State. My acceptance e-mail from Syracuse said: "The Linguistics MA Committee has completed its evaluation of candidates for financial awards, and it is with real regret that I must inform you that you were not chosen to receive a TA-ship. However, you have been placed on a list of ESOL TA-ship alternates should the present candidate decline." I'm a little confused by their wording; the singular "candidate" suggests that there is only one person ahead of me, but I'm still on a "list," so I don't know whether I have a good chance at the TA or not.

So my issue is this: if I can't get a TA, I would at least like to look into other forms of employment, including semester appointments, tutoring, Writing Center work, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to word an e-mail to a program director that explains my situation while politely asking for alternate forms of employment/money? When I applied, I realized that much of higher education was in a funding crisis, and that a lot of Linguistics TAs are for subjects I can't teach (foreign language, mostly), so I was prepared to take out loans. But Syracuse is completely out if I can't get financial assistance (private school tuition, ugh), and I'd prefer not to borrow all the way through NC State.

Additionally, any information on the quality of the programs, research opportunities, and likelihood of a TA the second year would be appreciated. :)


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