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Any idea why a program such as Harvard's History Department only matriculated 16 out of 30 offers last year. Is it largely because people simply decided to go elsewhere, or is there a way for the department to revise some of the offers? Is this common across the Ivy League and other History Departments? Also, does anyone know how long most programs take to send the official, mailed offer after the informal e-mails are sent out by potential advisers?

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I am guessing people end up elsewhere? I doubt universities retract their offers, once it has been given, formal or informal. The only possible way they can retract an offer is if the department submits your recommendation for admission, but the graduate school rejects it. But even that is really uncommon, apparently.

So did you get into Harvard? If yes, congratulations! Do you mind sharing what field you are in, and who contacted you?

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Not everyone REALLY wants to go to Harvard.... I was told that Michigan marticulated 18 out of 35 offers. So 50% yield isn't all that bad.

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