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Apply for a PhD midway an MA?


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I got into at least one MA program, waiting for one more.

Both are unfunded (although with some money).

Is it ok to apply for a PhD during the first year of the MA?

That way if I get in, my second year of the MA and all further studies would (hopefully) be funded.

What if I apply to the same school to their PhD program?


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I applied to the PhD program at the same school that I am currently working on my MS during my first year. My grad adviser was the one who actually told me that that was even a possibility. Otherwise, I would have waited to finish my MS, then apply for PhD programs. I'm not sure how your programs would feel about you applying to PhD programs at other schools, but if it's at the same school, I don't see why it's a problem. You would basically just continue on the path you are on and continue with the PhD program with funding.

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