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Words of Wisdom- rejections


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Words of wisdom I recieved after a recjection a while back....enjoy..... (one of my professors found it in some book and e-mailed me the quote.

"So you rejected me? Well I am too good to there. So now I am going to a lower ranked school? Yes, to study under professors who believe in me. So my application was imperfect? Well to another school/job it was flawless. So your rejection made me cry? I'll laugh the day I get into a Phd program. So I am scared about gettin in nowhere? Someway somehow something will work out and i'll be better off ...a rejection letter isn't an inslut, its not personal, and it doesn't mean your not smart enough....it just means that wasn't met to be, and your met for something better. One day youll look back and smile at your rejections, and thank god that they were not acceptances."

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