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Working while in school


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I was wondering what you all thought about working while in school. I have yet to hear anything about financial aid and it's looking more and more like I'm footing the bill myself (which I guess it actually really common for Masters. I'm reading a book right now and it says most funding goes to PhD students... go figure).

Anyway, I'd really like a job on campus since I could count on time flexibility for classes. However I am having trouble finding any information on the website. Everything is for full time career positions. I'm also counting on being super busy with studying.

Any thoughts?

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I'm actually planning on working while in school. I received my first acceptance today (I only applied to two programs and they have been taking FOREVER to get back on decisions) and have already started scouting the area for jobs related to the library science field. I would almost prefer to work off campus as the pay is much better.

I am not worried about juggling the course load while working. I'm currently working on my masters in history and have worked part-time (full-time at some points) at a local library for almost the past two years. I managed. I figured that library science will be about the same intensity or less according to some of my co-workers. :)

I'm not holding my breathe for funding (ok, maybe a little bit. Anything would be greatly appreciated). I knew that funding for history master students was limited, so I figured that funding for library science was even more limited.

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