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Hello! I know this thread is pretty specific... I hope that's okay.

I heard from OSAP that they disburse $213 a week to students who are studying outside Canada. Is it worth getting? It seems like it might be good to cover some incidental costs and not so burdensome as to be completely overwhelming to repay by the end of the year. Not too bad for interest-free money, right?

Any current Ontario grad students studying abroad have experience with this? Yea/nay?

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If you are eligible, why would you not want to get it? The money is interest free until 6 mths after you graduate. If you don't use it, keep the money in your bank account, collect some interest on it and pay it back in full just before you are charged interest.

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You're quite right, jenste!


I applied a couple weeks ago and never received some of the forms in the mail that they said they would send me. Thanks for the reminder to follow up with them.

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