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Forum Stats for Aug '12

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Hi Folks,

Been a while since I've been able to do this. So... here we go:

Top 10 Posters

  1. 1Q84 99
  2. Dal PhDer 98
  3. TakeruK 83
  4. Eigen 71
  5. fuzzylogician 65
  6. wildviolet 59
  7. BrokenRecord 46
  8. BlazerFalcon 44
  9. emmm 38
  10. ktel 33

Congrats 1Q84. Also a strong showing by Eigen and fuzzy (go new mods!)

By the number(s)

In total there were 3,302 posts made this month (4,556 in Aug 2012). There were 194,348 visits, 121,840 Unique Visitors and 638,041 pageviews to the forum.

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I remember in Feb/March/April, when new applicants were waiting to hear back, these number were in the 2 and 3 hundreds.

It is obvious that school has started.

Yep... maybe things will pick up again soon though :)

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