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already accepted into grad school? Spring enrollment?

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A guy I know, who knows a guy, told me the guy already got accepted by UT-Austin in chemical engineering for a Masters. I'm like wtf?? First of all, UT accepts maybe 1 MS in chemical engineering a year, and it HAS to be a continuing degree, not a terminal masters. Second of all, it isn't even the deadline yet, which means he must have applied to start in the Spring. So my question is is the spring applications just as competitive as the fall ones, even though less applications are processed? Also, if I get rejected in the fall, can I apply immediately for the spring? (not saying I will, just wondering)

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It might be just as competitive. It depends on the admissions' philosophy. If there are more qualified applicants than slots, it may help that you're applying in the spring. If there are more slots than qualified applicants, it may not help you in the spring.

Also, I know that if you're a stunning applicant programs may admit you early for the fall. This may happen in PhD programs more often, but my sample size is limited.

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Not positive about Chem E, but a lot of Chemistry programs look at applications as the roll in, and make sure to get offers out to top notch candidates ASAP.

Even with Jan-Feb deadlines, I already had finalized offers in hands from all of my schools and visits completed before Christmas.

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