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Three LORs, can only submit two.


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One blasted school on my list only wants two LORs instead of three.

1.) Prof. A: Taken three classes with him, did well in all of them. He expressed very great enthusiasm about writing a rec for me for this particular school, so I am keeping him though he knows me the least well out of the three profs. Fairly big name in the field.

2.) Prof. B: My advisor, am currently working on a BA thesis under her. Have taken three classes with her, did well in all of them. The only one who can attest to my research skills, but she is an upcoming scholar in her field (though she does very good work). She also knows me the best out of the three. She has said she wants to attempt to tailor her letters to my SOPs and has been super supportive through the entire process.

3.) Prof. C: Huge name in the field, everyone loves him (though he has not published recently and is retiring soon). Have taken two classes with him, did well in both of them. I also work as a volunteer on one of his projects (but not in any research capacity, consider me one of those house elf slaves :D), so he can speak about my professionalism in addition to my academics. Has stated that he will pretty much write a generic letter for all the schools (by generic, I mean pretty much the same letter), but also asked me if I have any requests about what to emphasize in the letters. I still have to get back to him on that; it was a little bit out of left-field, lol.

Comes down to B and C, since A is superrrrrr enthusiastic about my applying to this particular school. I have actually asked both B and C about what they think, and they just settled on, "It's your choice."


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