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GRE Scores good enough for Hopkins/Madison/Rice/Washington ?


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Hello everyone, just another one of those anxious posts that comes up every other day, hope you'll have some time to check on this one. :)

So, I took the GRE sometime back and received the following scores:

163 Verbal, 165 Quantitative and 4.5 AWA.

I am applying to MS (Materials Science and Engineering) programs, and I particulary target:

Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Rice.

Are my scores any good for these universities? I otherwise have a decent GPA and undergraduate research experience, and am recepient of one of the most prestigious undergraduate research fellowship programs in my country (India). I believe I would get good LORs, and am working towards a good SOP.

Just if it helps, TOEFL result was out sometime back, and it came out to be 115.

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I wish I had those scores myself. Took it 3 times and got the same lousy scores. Your scores are pretty good. You shouldn't have to retake them, honestly. If you have a promising GPA, LOR, etc, your application should be quite recognizable.

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