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Interesting.  I considered UW but it didn't seem like a very good fit for my intended research focus.  And I've lived in the Northwest my whole life and grad school seems like a good opportunity to experience someplace where everything isn't waterlogged and dark grey for 10 months per year.

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UW is an excellent school, certainly the best university in the Pacific Northwest.  I love Seattle, it's an incredible city. Whereas Portland feels like a large town in a lot of ways, Seattle really feels like a true city, if that makes sense.  Regardless of the weather, I'd have applied if the research fit was there.  


Many people in the Northwest swear they'll never leave the because they love the geographic diversity (mountains, forests, beaches, desert all within an hour or two... and Canada) and the beautiful green scenery that the (constant) rain provides.  Northwest summers are amazing, although short.  No humidity and gorgeous 80s and 90s through July and August, although it will still rain a decent amount during June, especially as far north as Seattle.  

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