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Social Area: Interviews??

Peaceful Learner

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Hello all,


      I stumbled across this site when searching the web for positive reassurance, and I am humbled by the great information and support everyone gives to one another.  I hope that I can reciprocate valuable information and/or help in the near future. 


      I applied to 10 competitive social psychology doctoral programs (it’s done and there’s nothing we can do/change!!!), but in reading the forums I have begun to believe that I may have developed an incorrect expectation as it relates to the post-submission admission process.   In particular, I have been reading through various forum topics and have encountered what seems to be an expectation that programs contact applicants for interviews. 


      I was under the impression that formal interviews were typically a component of the cognitive psych, clinical psych, and masters programs application process.  Besides the Stanford affective area doctoral program, was anyone expecting to hear something about interviews (if not rejected) in the social area? I have heard that a good portion of social doctoral programs do not interview, but rather render admissions decisions via rejection or invitation to a recruitment weekend.  I do, however, understand that is common practice for POI’s to contact applicants for informal/formal phone and Skype conversations.   


Thanks for the help!!!


Stay Stress Free and let’s try not to let this process run our lives (I will try, if you try).

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Yes, my impression is that a lot of the programs I applied to will be doing interviews.  Many say so explicitly, but I've gotten the impression talking to others that most of them will at least want an informal chat first.

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Invitation to a recruitment weekend is equivalent to an interview for most schools, as its been explained to me. For social programs, your chances of receiving a formal acceptance after this weekend are much higher though. Most programs invite 1-2 people for every 1 slot, whereas clinical programs might invite 3-5 per slot.

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