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Contacting the Department


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Hi All

I was wondering at what point in the process is it ok to call the department and see if they got all of my materials. The deadline was two weeks ago, and I haven't received any communication from the department. My materials were put in the mail well before the deadline, but I just want to make sure that they got there. Is it too soon to give them a ring?


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Just email the department and politely ask if they can check whether or not all of your materials reached them safely. If they haven't gotten to sorting them yet, they'll let you know then. By emailing them, you give the (likely very busy) admissions office time to look through and get back to you.

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After a week I would probably call. I would say something like, "I tried emailing, but I wasn't sure if I emailed the correct person." Sad to say it, but "playing dumb" on things like that can work in your favor. It sounds way better than, "I emailed, but you guys were too incompetent/slow to email me back so I'm getting impatient."


Also, acknowledging that they are super busy and important (both true) will help :). Admissions officers can be your best friends or worst nightmares. One of my friends told me that there are actual lists at colleges of "difficult people" and you definitely don't want to be on one. Good luck!

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