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SOP - second round of applications

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I applied to several schools last year and was essentially rejected due to low undergrad GPA (2.8). The schools I applied to had a 3.0 requirement, but since I had been out of school for a few years, I thought work and life experience would count for something, but I was wrong. So I have changed my approach and now I am applying for state schools where the GPA requirement is 2.5. I have visited a couple departments and been given the go-ahead, which is progress.


The question is: I am working on my statement of purpose, and I want to include something in there about how I didn't get in first time around, and the lessons I learned from that experience. I think it also shows perseverance. But I also don't want the rejections to reflect poorly on me. So I wanted to send some feelers out there and see what others think. Thanks!

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I don't think you need to tell them you applied before and learned from the experience, just to show you are not a quitter. I wouldn't bother with that in my SOP. If you improved your application, it would show on its own. And you are applying to different schools this time, because you couldn't magically improve your GPA. So you cannot really say you really improved.. all you can say to the point is "I applied, and got rejected, but I still applied again!" But I think lots of people do that. Lots of people get rejected and apply in another season. Your perseverance in this case isn't going to help as much as the real meat of your profile - academics, research, etc..

I don't see how mentioning those rejections will give you an edge.

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I personally wouldn't mention the rejections.  I think it will sound awkward and could harm more than help.  If you're applying to new schools they won't have a clue that you applied to other schools last year...  Just focus on your strengths and put your best foot forward.  Best of luck!

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