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Duke Sanford School of Public Policy


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Hi all,


I was just wondering whether someone knows if Duke conducts interviews for the Ph.D. program in Public Policy? Has anyone been invited to an interview yet? When do they send out invitations? And if you are not asked for an interview, does that mean that you will be rejected? 


Thank you! 

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Ok, so here is the deal ( I spoke with the admissions office):


They do conduct interviews, but only when they feel that they need additional information in order to reach a decision. That is, all accepted students are not interviewed. 


Hope this helps 

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oh good. I was getting realllly anxious about Sanford not asking for interviews. As far as I understand, most of the 'top-tier' programs (well i know 'top tier' means different schools depending on your area of focus/specialty...but in general) don't invite people for interviews. Am I right in saying this? 


That being said, GOOD LUCK, everyone! Hopefully we will all hear great news from Sanford! I actually have BA's from Duke, so they'd better accept me. Hmph. haha..

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