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more on waiting; the waiting lifestyle


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hey there! i think many of us are in the same sort of simultaneously miserable and exciting boat, waiting to hear back from schools. this process--at least for me, and some others i know--does not lend itself well to healthy lifestyle choices. i guess i'd just put a topic forward to 1) fret about how awfully we're coping (that is, chain smoking, dinners consisting day after day of wonderbread, spray cheese and cheap wine) and 2) cover how we force ourselves to leave our laptops and take care of ourselves (nice walks, inspirations for distraction.)

starting... i've noticed that my nutritional profile is totally limited to weird cheese puffs and discounted wine. when i don't have anything incredibly pressing, i just lie in bed, refreshing my email, errant facebook-chatting and rewatching old episodes of Daria. though! as of recently i've resolved to buy nicer (read: healthier!) things for myself, go out for walks, and get myself as far away from a computer for as long as possible, when possible.

lentils! fresh-ish greens that can be found in winter! complicated culinary exercises (i have a sourdough culture, a week strong, just waiting to be made into amateur loaves)! sunlight! fresh air! sunlight.

eager to hear about others' experiences. maybe i'm the only one coping often very poorly, sometimes passably.

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i'm so envious! i resolved to start doing pushups one day a few weeks ago, did some, then was so sore the next few days and realized that perhaps this isn't the time to become the like... rippling muscled man i dream to be


Haha same here! Last week I bought Muscle Milk, signed up for a spinning and a weight training class, and told myself that the Zac Efron body is gonna happen this semester. Of course that fell apart pretty quickly..... and now I'm back to slouching on the sofa all day with Netflix. Also, NEVER let yourself be convinced by friends to watch Battlestar Galactica. The best worst decision you will ever make!



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