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  1. Hello everybody! Does anyone have any insights on Hathaway Farms (townhouses) and/or Hampton Court apartments both in Northampton? Are they nice, safe, rid of noisy undergrads, on the bus route, conveniently located, etc? I am having to secure a place to live completely online, without ever visiting it in person, so I hope you guys can shed some light, please. Thank you!
  2. Would anyone know if this is an undergrad-filled apartment complex (336 College St, Amherst)? Is this a relatively quiet part of town (no undergrads)? Thanks!
  3. Similar experience with several schools, yet they accepted in the end. So don't read too much into not receiving an email back.
  4. Wow!!! Your campus is a dream place! I am a Starbucks addict... 5-7 lattes a day. ; )
  5. I just accepted the offer from UMass!!!! For those wait-listed by Williams and UW, hopefully you will hear from them soon. I have already declined everyone else. I am ready to start planning my relocation! yeeeaaahhhhh...
  6. Would one live reasonably comfortable with 24k a year in Amherst/Northampton/etc area? One person, no pets, but wanting my own one bedroom apartment with no roommates. I have car that is paid-off, but am financially responsible for a child who does not live with me. Thank you for the help!
  7. That's a wonderful idea! I too am curious about where others are going.
  8. Thank you! No, I have not made my decision yet. : (. And am still not quite ready to make it just yet. How about you? Do you know where you're going?
  9. It's official, guys... Williams extended me an offer today!
  10. Amen!!! That's exactly where I am right now.
  11. Anyone heard anything from Williams yet? Are there any Williams admits who are likely to turn down their offer? I have a pressing deadline for another school and am trying to figure out if anyone is thinking of declining his/her offer. Please feel free to PM me if you feel more comfortable that way. Thanks!!!
  12. To the wait-listed ones out there: how are you guys holding up? I am hoping you all are dealing with it much better than I am! This is me right now... To better news VERY SOON!!!!
  13. I can't believe that you guys are still waiting for results from American schools.That's pretty crazy! I think that by now it would be okay to email them to find out when results should be coming out.
  14. curiositykilledthecat, it sounds like you are pretty set on going to Williams, right?!?! Sorry, I guess curiosity will kill me. Congratulations on the acceptance!!!!!
  15. Thank you, ChurchLover!!!! All the best at Tufts!
  16. Alas, I was really hoping you would be the one making a spot available for me! Oh well... let's hope someone else will. Are you already planning the whole relocating deal? I am a mix of anxiety, excitement, fear, etc, and I don't even know where I'm going yet. [nail biting]
  17. Do you mind me asking what the decision was? Please forgive me if you don't want to answer this.
  18. You guys make wonderful points here. Thank you so much! These are the people that I would like to work with: Robin Kelsey, Alex Nemerov, Carol Armstrong, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Anne McCauley, Hal Foster, Irene Small, Kaja Silverman and Ariella Azoulay--if you were to ask me this question today, of course. I agree that I shouldn't make my decision based solely on money which is why I am finding this whole decision process so difficult. I think part of the problem also is that since I was not born or raised here, I don't really have a sense of which school/program is better regarded in the
  19. I will be eliminating UCR and Penn State from my list, because UMass and UW are offering much better funding. While UMass is in a better location, UW is offering an outstanding funding package. Also, let's assume that I would get the same type of attention/care from faculty in both schools, and that both offer "similar" scholarly opportunities and are comparable in term of research/faculty fit. Cost of living is pretty much the same also. So, in your opinion, which one has a better reputation and is likely to look better in my application to PhDs in two years from now: UMass or UW?
  20. I haven't made a final decision yet, but started to decline offers. I am trying to narrow down my list while also waiting to see if Williams will come through by some miracle. : /
  21. Just turned down my offer from Tufts. I hope that it will open up a spot for someone who can actually afford to go there. Best of luck to all!
  22. I will second what you said. I would love to go to Tufts, but I am starting to realize that it is becoming more and more difficult due to financial reasons. I thought I would let everyone know about what I found on financial aid (i.e. student loans) also. I called their financial aid office this morning and they told me that you are allowed to borrow a maximum of $20,500/year. So... subtract the part of the tuition that you are responsible for, and whatever is left is what you will have as stipend for the year; and voila! One of the things that I am now left wondering is if students ha
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