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Hello, everyone.

I applied to U Texas advertising program for master degree and found out that someone got admission yesterday. But I didn't get any message.

Furthermore, application website says committiee is still reviewing

Do you think is there a hope???

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I'm in the same boat as you, for the same school even.  The way I picture it is that they will start admitting the irresistible candidates and continue forth and admit people as they see fit during the review process.  I would tell you to not lose hope -- I haven't, yet. :)

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There is no way to know, so really, you might as well not panic.


I had an experience recently when I started seeing interviews trickling out to one of my schools for a few days, and then stop, and I completely gave up and was depressed about it for a like a week, and like a week after the last one was posted I got an interview  notification. Point is, you don't know until you know so there is no use in worrying about it.

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I talked with a POI last week who told me that this year, more and more programs are doing staggered admits.  Because applicants are applying so much more broadly, a program can no longer be sure how many of its admits will attend.  As he explained it, when applicants were putting in 5 applications, you could figure they might get into about 2, so you have a 50% chance that they will accept your offer.  Now, people are applying to 10-15 or more, and they might get into 4 or 5 (or more), so you have a 20-25% chance (give or take) that they will accept.  If you only have space or funding for a few people, then it makes sense to admit a few, then wait and see what their interest level really is.  So his program, for example, had rejected a lot of people, accepted 3-4, and then had 10-15 people that they were still considering.  Some of those will be accepted before they hear from the "definite" admits, but most will have to wait.


Bottom line: He said that if you haven't been rejected yet, it's a "cautiously good" sign.  Don't give up hope yet!


Also, my experience with interviews that are not part of a formal interview weekend has been that each POI gets around to interviewing people on their own time -- so definitely don't fret!

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