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deferring for a year

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How common is this?  I was thinking about deferring for a year to fall 2014.  I definitely want to attend this program (Berkeley stat phd is really hard to pass up), but I'm currently working on a major project at my company that will likely go into the beginning of 2014.  The main problem is that if I were to leave, there isn't anybody who could step in and finish what I've begun so I would burn a bridge with my current employer.  I don't want to do that, but I still want to enter the stat phd program the year after.

I guess the other question I have is "what is the general process for requesting a deferral of admission?"

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Yeah I didn't tell my boss I was applying.  I think he expected me to stay on the team for about five years.

The other upside to deferring is I'd be able to save up more $$$ before entering but that's not the main reason to defer.  The main reason's because I'm the sole person behind an analytics project that nobody else on my team understands very well.

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