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So I am applying this year for admission to Wharton's PhD program in statistics. I've seen from the results page that maybe two people have said they have gotten accepted to Wharton at some point in Jan. and there seems to have been a large round of rejections that went out on the 7th of Feb. I have heard absolutely nothing from  UPenn at this point and I'm not sure how to interpret this. Does anyone have any insight into what UPenn is up to at this point or what complete radio silence from them might mean? 


Not having gotten an email but seeing that other people were told to check the website I've looked around the app.yourself.com Wharton application page several times. I can't seem to find anything besides it saying "Your application is complete and being reviewed by the admissions committee." If anyone is willing to share, is this the website to which you were directed? 

My assumption is that Wharton has already sent out a first round of acceptances and they have recently sent out a (first?) round of rejections. I'm not sure where this leaves me. Thoughts, opinions and insights are welcomed. 

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Typically, applicants are roughly sorted into three piles: 'definite admit', 'maybe', and 'definite reject'. The relative size of the three piles depends on the institution, but it sounds like you're in the second group. From the 'maybe' pile, there are several possible outcomes: admitted soon, rejected soon, waitlisted and admitted later, waitlisted and rejected later. The waitlist could be official, in which case you should hear something soon, or unofficial, in which case you may be in the dark until April. Not hearing anything past the beginning of March almost certainly means you're on an unofficial waitlist of some sort.

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Wharton has recently been placing more emphasis on the doctoral program and has had good academic placements recently. Even though the faculty has little interest in business there

are perhaps some students who apply there because it is in the business school. These students will almost always be rejected because the strength of the department is on the

theory side as well as areas such as causal inference. Perhaps the first round of rejections was focused on those who did not fit the program well.


Perhaps you should contact them directly to see what is going on.

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