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I spoke to the admissions lady on Monday at Vanderbilt and she said my application has been reviewed and I'd be hearing something by the end of the week but she didn't say if it would be good or bad news. I'm freaking out cause its Sunday and I haven't got a letter or email. They started review applications just this week. So hearing something so soon is that good or bad news!?

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I called the graduate coordinator after three weeks beyond when she said I'd hear something. She said they have all been reviewed and they know who they are giving offers and who they are rejecting. She was surprised I hadn't got an email yet. She said the deans department are the ones that do the emails. I asked if I got an offer or not because I just had a synthetic chemist interview and if I don't get in that would be a dream job until I did. She stated that she could not legally tell me if I got accepted or not but " not to worry it'll be just fine". Felt like she was telling me I got in, would you think they same? Does this mean I got in? Haven't heard from any of the other schools one way or another either but getting very nervous

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If the school has already decided who they will accept & reject, then the longer it is until you hear back the more likely it is that you'll be receiving a rejection. Schools email acceptances first, some have a significant time-lag between acceptances & the rejections, especially if the emailing has to be done by the Dean's office/central Graduate Admissions team. They're going to be emailing out a whole lot more rejections than acceptances after all... 

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