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applying to grad schools vs. getting pregnant, something in common


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-it is not for everyone, people can live without it, and life is just fine

-there is no one correct answer to “when,” it always depends on “when” you are ready

-for a lot of people, it is not the first time

-average age is around 27-29, again, some people make it happen in their early 20's, some people wait until their 40's. teen grad students do happen once in a while, ex: Dr. Sheldon Cooper

-the process usually lasts about 9 months. for grad school applications, usually Sep - May, and pregnancy is more flexible

-you start by doing research online, asking around for suggestions

-during the 9 months, you always start with excitement, and later on, you are just like “why am I doing this to myself!!!!”. Frequent morning sickness.

-later, you will experience freaking-out, nervous breakdown, afraid if something went wrong, “maybe I should wait another year or so,” constantly need to be part of a community with others who are on the same boat, and, compare notes with them

-you will get sick of people asking you the same damn question over and over again. "what is your top choice?" "it is a boy or a girl?"

-costs a lot $$$ here and there, you don’t even notice, by the time you do, you don’t even care

-you don’t get to choose, you just put out your best, and pray that the best would come to you

-you don’t know the final result, but whatever you end up with, 99% of you will love it

-you think, “When all of this is over, I will be so happy.”

-NO, you are WRONG. the next 2- 3 years means rarely eating on time, you become secondary for something else, and get SUPER excited for something as little as “I slept for 8 hours last night!”





wrote this out of anxiety, half from life experience, and half from what i observe, correct me if i am wrong.

just want to keep your mind off the waiting game for a little bit, don't take anything seriously or personal please

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sorry, but i've been pregnant 4 times, and i can't think of a single thing they have in common.

the stress and problems with applying to grad schools only equal about 1 week worth of the stress of having kids (which continues for 20+ years, not 2-3 years.  

Most importantly, there is no sex involved in applying to grad schools.  (hopefully!!)  

I'll give you lots of points for creativity though.


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