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Stay home or Move away?


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So I've been accepted to The University of Tennessee MSW program in Knoxville--no idea if I'll receive funding yet.

This is my first choice school since I did my undergrad here & it's close to my hometown. 

But, It's possible that I can get into The Uni of Tenn at Chattanooga's Counseling program, If I did, I'll be able to live with my mom (Who I love!) & save on some costs. 

My mom is already leaning towards me staying home if I get into UTC instead of heading back to Knoxville, but I would love to move away again + I feel there's more opportunities for social workers wanting to help out in the community in Knox.

Should I attend UT Knox? I'm hoping the 20,000 loan offer from my FAFSA will suffice since ill be getting instate tuition, I have no car so I don't have to worry about payments on that & my mom pays my cell bill. I have $10,000 to pay back in loans from my undergrad.

I'm thinking this could be a reasonable financial risk to take + I'm thinking that a degree in Social Work would be better than a degree in clinical counseling, then again both seem pretty interchangeable....any advice is appreciated! 


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I think you first have to decide which program you're more interested in pursuing.  I haven't done that much research in social work area, but it was my impression that a MSW is more flexible and desirable in terms of job hunting.  Again, I think you should decide that first.  

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I agree with kaister - make your decision based on the program itself, not the external factors.  Sounds like the two living situations would be a toss up anyway, as there are elements to each you would be happy with.  If everything else is equal...then I'd do the one that saves you more money. 

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