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Working on the same thesis in PhD

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Hello everyone.


I'm finishing my MA thesis in Iran right now. The scope of this thesis is rather too wide, and I feel it's the summarized version of something really longer. I spend a paragraph on something I can write an entire chapter on. I have to choose 2 sources between the eight I have read. I feel this thesis has the potential to be a PhD thesis and my advisor agrees with me. Is this possible?


I want to apply to American/Canadian universities and migrate to one of these countries. Would it look cheap if I put that on my SOP?




If you're interested to know my thesis is a comparative study between Alice in Wonderland novels and American McGee's Alice video games, but the comparison runs much deeper than that, I have a chapter on structuralism and the formal comparison between gameplay and plot which deals with many aspect and a chapter on reader-response theory which compares gamers and readers. If this becomes a PhD thesis I plan to expand the two chapters a lot and bring many more examples, so it'll be a comparative study of the two genres and Alice would only be one of the many examples and not the focus of the thesis.

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Would it look cheap if I put that on my SOP?

What do you mean by this?


It is not uncommon to expand upon the MA thesis during the PhD. This is, in fact, ideal for a lot of students, as it lays some of the groundwork for the diss. (It is precisely what I have done.)

Nevertheless, many students change their direction entirely. This is also ok.

If you and your advisor believe it worthy of pursuit then it probably is, but without more insight into your thesis and a formal diss prospectus it's hard for us to comment on your topic/approach.

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My advisor also told me that my current master's thesis has the potential for a doctoral dissertation. Ofcourse, my thesis now is a little summarized, as you say and a PhD thesis has the scope for expanding the thesis.


Look for schools in US/Canada(both great countries to get a PhD) and then look for potential advisors(if not your current advisor). Oh, btw, a PhD is a classic gateway for permanent immigration  to any country.

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