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PhD Acceptance Letters/notifications separate from award letters--why?


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Recently, I received email notifications from 2 of the 6 PhD public policy programs I applied to informing me that I was granted admittance and should be receiving an official letter via postal mail shortly. One program mentioned that funding decisions will come at another time and is a separate process.


My question to all of you is why are funding and acceptance decisions made at different points in time?? Is this typical of phd programs in the social sciences and departments that do not offer tuition remission to all accepted students?


Any insight is appreciated!


Thanks and good luck!

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The program I applied to has this on their page as explanation:

"Funding All doctoral students in special education currently receive funding including tuition and a monthly stipend. Funding options include graduate teaching fellowships (GTFs), federal leadership training grants, and federal research grants. Each student application is reviewed to determine the most appropriate match between student interests, professional goals, and funding source."

I am guessing they wait until they have a general idea of who their cohort is and award funding accordingly.

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Misskira - that makes sense and I would agree.


Check the website about funding, it should tell you "all students admitted will get X" and they are waiting to have a filled cohort before they start matching students with profs / research grants - they don't want to match you yet in case maybe you'd work best with 2 different profs, they want to see who else accepts an offer and then match.

Do you have to accept your offer BEFORE receiving your funding letter?

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It was also explained to me that there is a lot of movement that happens this time of year (March, April, May.) Professors move to other universities. Research grant awards are announced. Post docs and masters students decide if they are leaving. Etc. This all informs what funding and positions are available within the department.

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