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Question about funding after first year


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Is it normal for school to give you full funding for year 1 and say if your grades are good, then you will get funding after year 1. It seems like some people here get guaranteed funding for several years.

I am in engineering if that helps.


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Same here. They say it's renewable for up to X years depending on good academic progress and funding availability. It makes me twitchy, but that's the normal phrasing.

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I was worried about that actually, what happens if your adviser loses out on a grant, or you have no summer support? I did some haggling and got my offer to be 3 years of funding (as opposed to original 1 with no summer), they even fund me in the summer if I don't have an adviser or they lost funding. I doubt that will happen, they said it's very rare for a student to get funding and then lose it, but it is nice to know. As far as academic progress I think that is pretty standard stuff, like keeping above a 3.0 and passing the qualifying exam in a reasonable amount of time.

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