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Haven't heard anything!


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Well I still haven't heard anything from almost everyone and I'm starting to wonder if that is a bad sign! So to help me maintain my sanity I thought I would post this!


I interviewed at:


Temple University-Clinical Psych: I was told, after emailing, that if someone doesn't accept the offer I should get a call

CUNY-Health Psych/Clinical Science-Interviewed on 2/1 no response yet


I applied but did not interview at:

University of Delaware-Clinical Psych

University of Maryland (College Park): Human Development

University of Maryland (Baltimore): Human Services Psychology

Fordham University-Clinical


I'm just surprised I haven't gotten rejection letters yet from the programs I didn't interview at. Fordham sent me a rejection letter on 2/1 last year, what is taking so long this time?!! I just hate the waiting. 


Hope everyone else is hanging in their ok!





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The University of Maryland Human Development interviews were last weekend (Friday 3/1) and they have sort of extended some acceptances, but we are all still waiting on funding. Sorry! Good luck though, I'm sure something will work out!

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In general, when I didn't hear from schools, I followed up with them within 2-3 weeks. Not hearing basically meant I was on the waitlist- although both times I was a "high" alternate (like #2 or 3) so my chances of eventually getting in were fairly good. But then I ended up getting into one of my top choices so I took myself off the waitlists. But my point is that 1) it probably means you are waitlisted at those schools you haven't heard from post-interview, 2) you can follow up with those schools and it's definitely what you should do to find out your status, 3) you may still get in off the waitlist at Temple! I did interview there and they say that every year they extend offers up to and including April 15th.


For the places you didn't interview at, you're most definitely rejected. I haven't gotten many formal rejection letters too- they will probably be sent at the end of the whole interview/waitlist drama :-)

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I want to amend what I said because it was way too pessimistic. It is definitely possible that some programs just have more applicants to sift through and haven't been able to contact people yet... good luck to you!

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