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no PhD for Fall 2013 / an MA I can't afford


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I just got my final rejection after the department has been dodging me for weeks. I'm surprised that I'm not too upset because I'm still very excited about my MA acceptance from Brown. It is a huge ego stroke, but I also know in no way can I afford a $68000 MA. Getting a loan is out of the question. I have no intention to put myself in debt for a degree that will not increase my earning power (an Ivy League MA in humanities is NOT like an Ivy League MBA) and I already have a MA. I don't mind making little money as long as I can make ends meet doing what I love, but I know for sure I don't want debt.


I've come to terms that there will be no PhD for me this fall, or ever. I thought I would be super sad about wasting so much money and time. I thought I'd be very deflated, but I'm not. At least I tried. I probably won't be able to attend Brown, unless I score this only scholarship available in my home country, but now I know I'm Ivy worthy. While I was waiting for these rejections, I rediscovered my love for writing and affirmed my love  for teaching. I know if I weren't chillaxing at home all these months, I'd never have time to write, and I'd never pick up teaching again to pay my bills.


For now on, whenever I get rejected by anything again in life, I'll just tell myself, "You're good enough." :)


Next thing I'm gonna do? Print out that acceptance and frame it :)

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