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Hey All,


Is anyone familiar with ASU's financial aid department policies? I have been told that to even receive a financial aid offering I must first register for classes (in order to register for classes, I must submit immunization records). I think that's an unusual and a bit backwards policy.


I haven't decided if I will attend ASU. Financial aid offerings are a big factor in my final decision, as is the case with many applicants. Also, I don't feel completely comfortable sending shot records to a place I'm not positive I'm attending.


Thank you.

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I think I might be in the same situation. Got accepted to the PhD in Chemical engineering program.

The offer letter didn't mention anything about funding.


I've just emailed the department, will let you know as soon as I get the reply.

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Thanks for responding.


I've been accepted to a masters program. Individual programs may have different processes for departmental funding, so just to clarify I'm speaking specifically about the financial aid office. Have you all checked your My ASU accounts? The account will list if you have tasks to complete. Also, if you call the fin aid department, there is an automated voice system that can give you a brief status on your financial aid before you're asked if you want to speak to a representative. 

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I've been accepted to ASU (Family and Human Development program) and already have my funding info, but do need to do the MMR to register. I'm guessing it's because I have a professor who specifically accepted me to work with me and she's providing my funding, so maybe that has to do with it?


I have no idea.

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I was accepted to a phd program at asu as well. I received my funding package in my initial letter.,,,thought it was kind of strange, especially sense i received the acceptance 15 days after i submitted my app. In regards to the immunization records, i am in the same boat. However, i faxed over my records after accepting their offer. 


BTW: Congrats on your acceptance! 

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