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After acceptance: what are some forums to discuss political science?

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I was talking to Lemeard about this a few days ago. He and I ran/co-owned a forum that is now in a dormant state that I wanted to transform into something like is described in the OP. When class is over in May, I planned to dust it off and talk to someone about rebuilding it. The idea was to have a blog portion (similar to what the folks do at e-IR http://www.e-ir.info/) and a forum like this where more long running discussions could take place. Theoretically, paper ideas and new co-authors could be found in a collaborative community.

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Yeah I have the in my Facebook feed as well and read the articles they post on there. Assuming you could get participation, the idea could work but it doesn't work without people buying in and making it work. The online collaborative environment was extremely useful for my research in my past life as an intel guy. It is where I adapted the idea from in the first place. The original site started out as a place to discuss politics in a more rational fashion but after moving more into academia I wanted to shift it to more of what I described above. It is something I'm talking to some folks here at Iowa about collaborating on to redesign.

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In another life, I was a member of the ThornTree posting forum for backpackers at Lonely Planet's website. They had a politics forum that got so rowdy they closed it and a group of exiles started a new site.


It is a dark and unpleasant corner of the internet, where trolls and worse (laypersons!) eat alive the white knights that dare enter. Cave! Hc svnt dracones:



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