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Deferring a funded PhD


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Hi all,


How accommodating are schools in deferring funded PhD offers? I've searched the forums and it seems like deferring un-funded offers (e.g. for Master's) is no problem, but funded PhD offers are usually not defer-able.


Also, should I let the schools know that I want to defer after accepting their offer? Or should I ask before April 15th?


Thank you.

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Hey so I'm waiting on a Fulbright and have accepted an offer for a funded PhD program. I spoke with them on my visit and it is very simple to defer admission if I receive the Fulbright.

You just need to get in touch with the PhD program and ask what their policy is with deferring admission.

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It may depend on the reason that you're seeking a deferral. I had to defer from fall 2013 to fall 2014, and because my reason is sound, the English department's DGS sent a memo supporting my plans to the graduate school. That said, I suggest emailing your department's DGS explaining your reason for a deferral; he or she should be able to give you more detailed advice and information. And, yes, I would definitely ask before 15 April.


Good luck!

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