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Reception Studies Question


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While my home department is and will be History, my sub-field is Classical Reception (at the turn of the twentieth century). I'm here to ask about professors in this field generally (and even better if they do my time period). The only one who comes to mind is Caroline Winterer at Standford. Otherwise, profs seem to put "reception studies" on their faculty pages without actually doing much in the way of reception studies.


Ergo, I come to you. Have you had a professor who actually studies reception? Do you know of one? I'm starting to feel like they're unicorns. Except for a profs who do Byzantine reception of Classical Greek drama, I can't find many (living) profs who do anything even close to what I'm interested in.



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It's naturally something that calls for such specialisation, such as it develops will be slow and most likely left to other faculties. Most receptionistas tend to be older scholars with a literary bent. That said look towards people like Lorna Hardwick (Oxford), Miriam Leonard (UCL) etc who seem to be pretty dedicated towards this and are probably the most famous. 

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