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Syracuse vs. UCLA vs. NYU vs. Columbia


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Hello Good people.


I have been trying to decide among these schools for a while. I have been accepted into an Ethnic studies program at all of them and am having a hard time deciding.



Syracuse has given me some funding, I am still waiting to hear from UCLA and NYU and Columbia have given me none ( not looking to good for them). I live on the Westcoast so moving to New York would be very expensive on top of the expenses for these schools.


What to do? And is it okay to tell the1st two schools that I have been accepted to the remaining schools ( to increase my chance of funding)?


Sound off

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If you are a California resident, ucla should be cheaper already, right? Does the funding from Syracuse supercede what you would pay as a California resident?

I think they pretty much are around the same costs ( especially with the funding). 

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If UCLA gives you money, it seems like they are an obvious choice with the combo of prestige and convenience.

True! I should hear soon...and if not I have to think even harder...A lot of people have tried to sway my decision into picking Columbia because it is an Ivy league and NYU because it "seems" to be more well known. I'm trying to be smarter than that lol

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If Syracuse has given you funding, I would rule out Columbia and wait until you hear from UCLA and NYU.  I think it's fine to let them know that you have been accepted to Syracuse with funding and ask if they have made any movement on your file.

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