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Master of Science admits - what to choose? (Materials Science)


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Hi folks,


I have been accepted into a number of places for MS/MSc programs, and funding in each one of them is still unclear. I have shortlisted the following among them. Assuming that there will be no funding, which one of them will you recommend? I aim for a PhD after the Master's. Broadly, my area of interest lies in Nanoscience/Materials Science applied to biomedical sciences. Personal experiences will help a lot :)


1. University College London (MSc Nanotechnology, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering)


2. King's College London (MSc Physics)


3. University of California, San Diego (MS Nanoengineering)


4. TU Munich (MS Materials Science)


Thanks! :)

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I actually don't know about the European schools, but UCSD has a great nanotech program and should be pretty close to what you crave

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