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Why Are you getting a Ph.D?


Why are you getting a Ph.D?  

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  1. 1. Why are you getting a Ph.D?

    • Don't really have any career plans yet, so getting a Ph.D can't hurt
    • Can't find a job right now because of the poor economy, so getting a Ph.D will make me more marketable
    • It'll help with getting a higher salary
    • I want to someday become a professor
    • I love academia and research, and can't see myself doing anything else
    • For self and personal fulfillment

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Career options available to PhDs are a little more varied than the choices put here! I chose "love academia and research" because it is the closest match but I don't fully agree with that statement. I would like it more if it said "love academia OR research", since you can do research outside of academia! Anyways, my reason for a PhD is that I want to aim for a job at a university (not sure if I would want to try for a tenure track position or simply a permanent research staff member) but I would also like to be able to teach! At this point, I'm not completely sure what ratio of teaching-research-admin duties would make me the most happy though. 


But I'm not of the mindset that "only academia/research" jobs will make me happy. They might be the goal right now, but I think there will be many options and jobs that I would like to do and they all either require a PhD or I would have a great advantage if I did have a PhD. So maybe I could check off a little from almost every box!

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