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Paper Fetishism?


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I imagine this might be mainly a humanities thing, but anyone else a bit....unusual about books/notebooks/pens/pencils, etc.? 


I'm taking an online course and the reader has wafer-thin pages and weighs five pounds, and I find I'm treating it like it's a Bible just because it looks like one (okay, I'm writing in it, but only with a dull-point pencil, so it's still pretty reverential). 


Also, I've always written notes in those tape-bound composition pads (the marble or the solid black, you know the ones), but my tiny town doesn't have them, so I've got a perfect-bound ledger instead, and because it's such a formal-looking notebook, I feel the need to use a nice fine-point pen, which in turn means I write my notes carefully. 


Mental disorder? Or English student thing?

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Nope, normal. I get pretty obsessive with my own record-keeping/organizational systems. That, and I am a kinethetic learner and terribly fond of my own handwriting. Mostly, it's a way to procrastinate while feeling productive.

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