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  1. I haven't received word about the scholarships I applied for back in March. I remember reading on their website that we should hear by "late April and (?) early May." Should I assume I didn't get any, or has no one else received notification? Also, the wait for the grad award letter is killing me! How can they expect us to put our plans on hold until late May? I know people who are going into the Bloustein school for Planning & Policy who got their letters months ago! Any other incoming Rutgers/SC&I grads going through the same thing?
  2. Accepted to Rutgers, Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Catholic U, and waitlisted at the University of Washington's residential program. Headed to Rutgers in the fall. So excited! Hope to see some of you there.
  3. Nope, normal. I get pretty obsessive with my own record-keeping/organizational systems. That, and I am a kinethetic learner and terribly fond of my own handwriting. Mostly, it's a way to procrastinate while feeling productive.
  4. Thanks, everyone! All of these suggestions sound great. Though I am not particularly religious, I can easily imagine participating in a local Unitarian or non-denominational discussion group, if I get a good vibe from the people there. I was also thinking of volunteering somewhere, like maybe a Pride Center. I have a friend who's working on a PhD in History at Rutgers, and her partner puts in a lot of time there.
  5. Yeah, I've had this same problem, but if your library has computers or iPads you can use for free, I'd exploit that and carry the bare minimum around with you.
  6. Yeah, I figured. I wouldn't mind making some undergrad friends, as long as they're not the sweatpants-to-class type (which wasn't a thing at my college, but apparently is at Rutgers?).
  7. Anyone considering a commute from as far away as, say, Newark? I know you can get to NB pretty easily from Newark via NJ Transit.
  8. That's great! Unfortunately, I could not make it up to the open house held by the School of Communication & Information, so I still haven't met any of my grad cohorts face-to-face. Does anyone have any experience with joining on-campus organizations alongside undergrads? I knew a few grad students from extracurriculars I did in college. They always seemed responsible and committed, though a bit removed from the rest of us.
  9. I'm going to start my Masters in Library & Information Science at Rutgers next fall, and I want to make sure I can establish a new social life in and around New Brunswick. My boyfriend will be going to school with me, but I'd hate to rely on him exclusively for any kind of social interaction. I wonder how best I can establish a circle of friends, especially from my classes. How do all you grown-up grad folks (especially non-singles) do it? Looking at a few of these forum posts makes me think that many of you find the postgrad social life very different from undergrad, that the smaller programs do less to encourage student social life. Have you faced this problem? How have you overcome it?
  10. Going for an MLIS starting this fall, concentrating in digital librarianship. Anyone else? Still waiting for loan info from the financial aid office. I might have to call and hunt them down :-/
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