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Physics or Chemistry?? and where??

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First, ask your school what classes would be acceptable to fulfill your requirement. I took a (very easy) astronomy course with a physics prefix that is going to count for my physical science requirement. You may not actually have to take an actual physics or chem class :)

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Ah, pick of your poison.

I just completed General Descriptive Chemistry and worked hard for a B+. Depends on the professor mostly, not the material. But, that being said, look into which you're more interested in and what you feel you would enjoy more/do better at!

Lots of luck!

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what kind of physics or chemistry??????? condensed matter physics?? quantum chemistry??


Quantum, I see that this is your field, but for SLPs, we have to take any one physics or chemistry course to meet one of our American Speech-Language-Hearing Association prerequisites, so it's really wide open. Most people take an intro class in one or the other if they haven't already had some coursework in one of those areas. Orangesoda probably didn't elaborate since this is on the SLP board and most of know that he or she means an intro class.


Personally, I think the physics is a lot more relevant - even moreso if you can get a course with a big acoustics component. A possible exception would be if you're really into neurogenic communication disorders or neurolinguistics, then the chemistry might be the way to go.

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