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Severe behaviors -- what-to-wear?!


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Hi all,


I'm about to start working at a school with EBD kids with very severe histories, and I was wondering for those of you who had experience in this field, what was your choice of wear? I'm looking for sturdy, professional looking tops when not working with the students, and will hold well after multiple washes (going to get sweaty and spat on!  :) but thought perhaps just cheap Hanes T-shirts would work? I considered scrubs but might look out of place since I don't think the other teachers will be wearing that. I can wear jeans too. 


Throw some ideas at me! 


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Actually I was just going to suggest scrubs as we know they're durable in the wash and they hold up to all kinds of behaviors.  You can just buy the tops and pair them with jeans or whatever work pants you decide.  When considering jeans make sure they aren't the trendy ones with hanging accessories, rips, etc.  The inexpensive ones you find at places like Target or Sears should be fine.  Also I'm not sure if there is one where you are, but there are these stores that specialize in uniforms where you can get things like scrubs, construction clothing, work boots, etc.  They will definitely have other durable tops/pants options, but they may be a little pricier. 


If I were in your shoes I wouldn't care if everyone else were wearing scrubs or not, I'd care about my own budget and my ability to keep replacing clothes that get ruined at work.  I would not go with the t shirt option largely because t shirts tear really easily.

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Depending on the temperature you anticipate working in, cotton/poly blend shirts usually hold up well in the wash.  You can go button-up with a tank underneath, or you can get a nice polo style shirt.  You'll want a bit of comfort in working with severe behavior population, but also want to look professional in working with the other teachers in your building.  Jeans are probably a good choice, but you can also wear very sturdy khaki style pants (definitely recommend pants or capri's with this population).  T-shirts are fine if you have something like a denim button-down over top (unbuttoned for flexibility), or another lite-wear long sleeve top over it.  Layers are critical if you anticipate bodily fluids (etc) getting on your clothes; something you can change easily.  


You are definitely tops in my book for taking on such a difficult task - it is definitely a calling.  Bless you!! 

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