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Does military background help with MPA


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I questioned HKS  if military background helps fullfilling the experience portion. Admissions said "Yes!". Lol , that's all she wrote.



But I want to ask you guys. What's your opinion on this?



I'm definitely eyeing an MPA about 5 to 7 years from now. It's possible I could change my mind, but so far, it's all I really am inclined & excited to pursue.



Thanks :P


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Definitely, in fact I'd say a plurality if not majority of members posting on these forums have some sort of military experience.  Also depending on who you serve with, the GI bill is also an amazing thing for Grad School and whether or not they admit it I think also factors in school decisions because that's less financial aid they will have to dole out to attract students.  I think if you're up for it, military experience is a huge factor in getting admitted to a great MPA program.

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I notice a lot of military people in MPA/MPP programs.  Yale Jackson MGA has a ton of military/CIA people.


The CIA has a very deep connection with Yale when it comes to recruiting.  No surprise it would send people there for grad school (or recruit people from grad school there).

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I think that a military background helps with MPA programs but it probably depends on the specific program and the area that you want to focus on.  If you are looking into MPA programs that focus on  nonprofit management and youth development, I'm not sure how much military experience will bolster your application.  But this experience would definitely help you if you apply to more international affairs oriented programs that focus on security.

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Thanks for the input everyone. I'll be joining the military in a few months. I've done some diggin' and the Army (don't know about the other branches) is in demand for 38B (Public Affairs). Apparently its' because of the emergin' peace time. Just throwing that out for anyone interested. Does require at least 1 year in active service in order to retrain. Which I'm gonna try to get in. Will be great for my profile. For now, I enlisted as a medic (68W)



I don't have my undergrad. But I'm thinking of getting my Public Affairs undergrad from NEU. They seem to lower the requirements slightly for military personnel (well lots of colleges will, including Penn State). 



I'm just trying to make a roadwork for the next 5 years. You know what they say "Poor preparation prevents poor performance." Long as hell but true.



And yes, I'm pursuing an MPA.




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