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Relevance of Aristotle Prep RC99


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Hi Guys,
I have heard from some folks that Aristotle Prep's Verbal grail is awesome for verbal section (especially the RCs). Unfortunately I am taking my GRE in about 20 days and have no time to order the book, receive it and study from it. I was wondering how the RC99 document that has been floating around in internet forums is ? It is mainly for GMAT and I found it to be akin GRE standards. Any thoughts on this one ? It is quite a lot of practice and was wondering whether or not to do it; I really don't want to waste my time on unnecessary stuff before the exam !
PS: I stay in Bangalore and would be grateful to ANYONE here who is done with their GRE and who has the Aristotle Prep Verbal Grail for the GRE for sale/rent/lending. Please help a brother in need guys :)
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Removed link to file violating copyright. Don't pirate.
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Ok, I looked at the link you provided and here are my thoughts:

1) the resource is excellent. It's hard of find good RC exercises and this link has 99 of them, clearly laid out and explained. If you work through them all, I think you would improve your score on RC questions, possibly significantly.


2) I'm pretty sure this is a pirated copy of a book that should not be downloaded for free. I feel pretty strongly that intellectual property rights should be respected and just because you can use something doesn't mean you should..

So.. Excellent resource, questionable source. I'm conflicted - I want to use the exercises, but I don't think it's right to do so,

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Removed the link. 


Don't link pirated copyrighted works here. 


Many of those here going to graduate school will likely, eventually, base some portion of their earnings and job prospects based off of the creative and academic work that they create. 


I hope as such, that they would recognize that others who have put the time and effort into creating something (ie, a GRE study book or guide) should be entitled to respect (eg, not pirating said book and giving it away for free). 


If an author chooses to freely distribute their work, that is between them and the contract they have with whoever published it. 


It's not anyone else's choice to distribute that work for them. 

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