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Retaking the GRE


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Hello all,

I have taken the GRE twice. The first time was with little to no preparation and when I was sick so needless to say, my scores did not reflect my capabilities. The second time I did quite good on verbal (159, though I missed two questions I second quessed myself on, DANG IT!) and abysmally on quantitative (146). When I studied and did practice tests for quantitative I was scoring in the 150s and for verbal 160s. For some reason, I am having trouble channeling my abilities to this test. I am hoping to enter a Communication program so my math scores don't need to be excellent, just decent. I am confident the next time my verbal will be in the 160s, if I don't second guess, but I am nervous about math. Does anyone have any recommendations for what I can do differently? This last time I had a tutor, but I need to conquer the math questions differently I suppose. 

I appreciate any advice!


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The most effective strategies are always very simple. I got 166 only by studying for a week.


1) Turn off all possible devices, communications, entertainment and any other possible distractions in your life. 

2) Study between 12 and 16 hours every day.

3) Every time that an interfering thought arises remind yourself that if this continues your hopes and dreams will go and die.

4) Succeed.


Big fan of the negative reinforcement

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